Wolfgang Kschwendt studied Fine Arts at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts
Master class Franz Graf
Degree 2003
He lives and works in Vienna

  • Contact
    • Mag. art. Wolfgang Kschwendt
    • Haslingergasse 3/1/11
    • A-1170 Wien
    • wolfgang@kschwendt.net
    • www.kschwendt.net

  • Exhibitions

    Individual exhibitions

    2022 + Viktoria – Raum für Kunst und Forschung, Vienna
    2021 + raumen, Vienna
    2013 + Grätzlgalerie, Vienna
    2007 + “alles was da ist gehört dazu (HELP ME THINK)” (Atelier)
    2006 + “Some standing together, some missing”, Vet. med. Univ., Vienna
    2004 + “screenshots”, popmuseum, Vienna
    1999 + “Zinfan und Wollmispel”, Prospekthof/Semper-Depot, Vienna; Project with Charlotte Geresch and Isabella Kresse. Coproduction with “Ensemble 3000” and Franz Hautzinger (MDW)
    + Multimedia-Performance [Meidlinger Hauptstraße]
    1996 + “Achtern” (Flat C. Reinwald)
    1995 + “Füllungen” (Flat C. Reinwald)


    2017 + Live Performance; Modular Sythesizer Ensemble, Der Roter Ballon @ Grätzlgalerie, Vienna
    2016 + Live Performance; Eva D.s Wohnzimmer, Philogreissler Cafè, Vienna
    2015 + kraks – Live Improvisation; Der Rote Ballon @ Grätzlgalerie, Vienna
    2013 + kraks – Live Improvisation, “This, Martin, is the First (in a Line of Sketches)”; Grätzlgalerie, Vienna
    + Live Improvisation; Freitag beim Vitek, Rockzentrale, Vienna
    1998 + “Dear Fabio”; Club International, Vienna
    1996 + “Nicht mehr kann ich Ihnen sagen als was Sie sich selber zusammenreimen können”; Club International, Vienna

    Group Exhibitions

    2022 + “Über die Freiheit”, Kunstraum JORO, Vienna
    + UND-Heft #12: “Davon kann man leben”
    2016 + “Diese grobe Notation”, Philogreissler, Vienna
    2013 + “Art2Go”, Vienna
    2012 + “Alles A4”, Grand Hotel Rother Krebs, Linz
    2010 + “Mind – The Gap”, Einsteinforum, Potsdam
    + “Die Imaginäre Franz Graf-Klasse”, Xpedit kiosk, Vienna
    2008 + Galerie Nutzraum 17, Radowan-Halle, Vienna
    2007 + “schaukastlschau”, Sachlink, Vienna
    + DISKONTA 1 Zeichnung, IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna
    + Filmfestival “Parkgewusel”, Vienna
    2006 + “platte ausstellung 7”; platte wien
    2003 + Diplomausstellung, Semper-Depot, Vienna
    + Galerie in der Praxis, Vienna
    + Galerie Schmidt, Reith i. Alpbachtal
    2002 + “That’s new”; IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna
    + “kulturlos™”; ÖH-Bundeskulturreferat-Projekt
    + “Junge Kunst 2000”; Galerie Kugler, Innsbruck

    Junge Kunst 2000

    Kurier-Artikel Junge Kunst 2000

    + “Junge Kunst 2000”; exhibition and auction, Dorotheum, Vienna
    1999 + Donauraum, Vienna



    Ausstellungsflyer Donauraum

    + “Construction Sounds”; Museumsquartier, Vienna;

    Construction Sounds


    Ausstellungsflyer Construction Sounds 1999

    1998 + “Living Archives”; Semper-Depot, Vienna;

    Living Archives


    Ausstellungsflyer Living Archives 1998

    1997 + “Cold Front (London/Vienna)”; Bricks&Kicks

  • Livingrooms and Wienerwald
    Wolfgang Kschwendt: "Erkenntnisse, die sich vom Zweifel absetzen"

    I was born in Gmunden, Austria. There was a fountain where we used to bath. And a white Volkswagen with no seats in it, where we used to hide when our parents called us to leave for holidays. Every second year we traveled somewhere to the seaside. Every other year we went to the lake. There was no wind. There was rain and sometimes sun. My sister was a highly talented tailor even in her early years. She sewed me costumes for school. They were green and blue. I loved them. My parents were also highly talented.

    I grew up in Salzburg. There was rain and a way along the pond. There were see-saws and there were we, may it have been summer or winter. We played Ice-Hockey on the frozen pond at christmas. We rode our bikes throughout the whole year. Side by side. There was the moor. It was wet and green and you could find places to hide. We smoked cigarettes made from leaves and toilet paper. But there were others.

    School was an issue. But we focused on the spare time. There was not much, though. My mother played Tennis. Highly talented. I drew posters for the tournaments. I coloured plans for my father who was a geometer, I was a nuisance. I know now. But he was kind.

    Someone said I could be a doctor, so I wanted to become one. Someone said: You have to leave the town. So I gladly left. The new playgrounds would not let me study much. There was no rain. We stayed out all night. We went to the cinema. We talked about geometry and music, someone said, he could play the piano.

    Livingrooms and Wienerwald. Bars and call boxes. Hallways and University canteens. Rooms to sit and wait and talk. I would not become a doctor, I would do something else. I would do the Poetry. Welcome everybody.