kraks live @ Der Rote Ballon

  • Spontaneous Music

    “In the Grätzelgalerie a new series starts in order to explore experimental music and soundscapes. The Red Balloon, a vehicle for atonal expeditions.“ (From the Grätzlgalerie newsletter)

    When Claudia Wohlgenannt invited us to play at the Red Balloon we were very glad. Please feel cordially invited everybody! We will have electrified spontaneous music again, risky and foolhardy, easygoing though. It’s a stroll. We will have Frantschesko Slowman with us this time who will provide us with well set minimal moves. And we are very much looking forward to having you all!

    • kraks feat. Frantschesko Slowman
    • live @ Der Rote Ballon
    • Samstag, 12. Dezember 2015
    • 19 Uhr – Grätzlgalerie
    • Kriemhildplatz 10
    • 1150 Wien

    kraks live @ Der Rote Ballon - Grätzlgalerie